Starinovskaya 31/14H, 220056, Minsk, Belarus
Dorfstr. 29a, 23869 Elmenhorst
+375 33 3007666
+49-1523-7170889 | +49-4532-2767803

Security Engineer (Pentester)

Datenschutz, Pentesting

Minsk / Belarus

Job SummaryDo you want to help businesses to be protected and confident in their future?
Do you want to receive for the search for vulnerabilities in information systems not claims and reprimands, but material rewards and recognition in the professional circle?

Go to the white side – we are waiting for you, “white hat” ?

Key Responsibilities:

Perform penetration tests;
Security analysis of network infrastructures of leading Ukrainian and foreign companies;Solving new, complex, non-standard information security tasks;
Conduct an information security audit;
Participation in the research of department;
Participation in Belarusian and international conferencesSkills:Wide professional view, the desire to learn and improve yourself;
The ability to solve non-trivial tasks;
Programming skills;
Practical skills to compromise or protect systems in at least one of the following areas: – network infrastructure and wireless networks (design, equipment, routing protocols, firewalling, IDS / IPS);
– information infrastructure based on Windows, Unix and Linux (OS, Active Directory directory service, understanding of the principles of processing and storing sensitive information in OS);
– application systems (DBMS, web applications);
To be good at Counter-Strike.